Welcome to the Institutional Training repository

Welcome to our Training repository !!!

This repository has an instructional goal and shows flows of operating an institutional repository in operation, so the exercises carried out and information resources to be deposited, review and approval will be deleted at the end of the training workshop.

We invite you to practice with the information published by your institution, following the explanation of the instructor, so you can experience the entire process.

Please ask the questions it deems necessary and if required repeat activities to reach better control of the tool.


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2018srojas prueba colaborador 2018/11/22 18:14AnotaciónANTONIO TEZOZOMOC ARAUJO SOTO22-Nov-2018
2018srojas prueba colaborador 2018/11/22 18:33ArtículoANTONIO ARTURO SALAS SULLER22-Nov-2018
1-Jan-2017TIPO DE PUBLICACIÓN - MEMORIA DE CONGRESOMemoria de congresoJosé Alberto Solórzano26-Sep-2017